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One Collection | One Chapter At A Time

Nicole Benefield Portfolio is One Collection, One Chapter at a time.  Each chapter is an ongoing collection of modern classics, which are evolved into a new dress code that defines comfort into everyday chic.

A New Way to Suit Up

The Un-Suit is the answer to being effortlessly put together.  Woven with a hint of stretch to minimize wrinkles, this summer wool is in the color of the season, and tailored in styles that are of the moment.

The Heather Parka

The blocking makes it a statement.  The option to wear it as a jacket or vest makes it an overstatement

The City Scapes T-Shirt

Wearable art featuring the work of Artist Austin Thomas. "As an artist immersed in the cultural mosaic of NYC, I find solace and stimulation at every turn. From the diverse array of galleries to the storied halls of its museums, this city is a breeding ground for creativity. Each brushstroke and color palette I use is influenced by the vibrant tapestry of urban life. - Austin Thomas

Summer Tweed

Stay cool in summer tweed.  This loosely woven cloth is cut in contemporary relaxed shapes for a blend of tailored and casual dressing.

A Polished Approach

Like mercury, this cracked silver textured jersey ebbs and flows with every style mood in this new take on the t-shirt and palazzo pant.